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Few places in Salthaven evoke as many rumors and legends as its infamous sewers. The town was built on top of a complex cave system that doubles as sewers and smuggling routes. Unknown to most, there are many hidden rooms and caches, some forgotten, some still in use. Even more shrouded in secrecy and forgotten by history itself is the enigmatic eelfolk that resides in the bottom chambers of the caves. There are not many reasons to enter the underground willingly. Doing so usually involves great profit — or danger.

This is a supplement for the Cairn adventure Salthaven. It contains random tables and content for fleshing out the vast underground cave system below the town.

Note: Salthaven and Salthaven Town Gazetteer are required to use this supplement.

Salthaven (paid): https://ialath.itch.io/salthaven

Salthaven Town Gazetteer (free): https://ialath.itch.io/salthaven-town-gazetteer

In these 3 pages you will find:

  • A system for procedurally generating the Salthaven underground
  • 18 unique locations filled with story hooks
  • A description of the enigmatic eelfolk
  • A total of 6 monster statblocks
  • A powerful but treacherous relic

To print a booklet: Print double-sided landscape with short-edge binding.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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