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Salthaven is a fishing town in desperate times. The days of fortune are long gone and doomsday cultists roam the streets. Smuggling is rampant and everyone tries to profit off each other.

This is a system-neutral coastal town supplement for Salthaven, the Cairn adventure by Robin Fjärem. Get the adventure here: https://ialath.itch.io/salthaven

Use this supplement as a standalone coastal town for any game or to flesh out the original Salthaven adventure for Yochai Gal's Cairn.

In these 3 pages you will find:

  • A town map with 11 keyed locations
  • d6 random jobs
  • 2d6 random events
  • 6 crew members to hire
  • d100 items found on the streets

To print a booklet: Print double-sided landscape with short-edge binding.


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Salthaven_Town_Gazetteer_1.2_pages.pdf 1 MB
Salthaven_Town_Gazetteer_1.2_booklet.pdf 8 MB
Salthaven_Town_Gazetteer_1.2_printer_friendly.pdf 3 MB
Salthaven_Town_Gazetteer_1.2_spreads.pdf 1 MB
salthaven_town_map.png 2 MB

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I'm kind of curious how you imagined combining this with the original adventure, whether you'd use the events and hooks here after the completion of the stuff from the first adventure. But I guess I need to work that out myself.


Thanks for the comment! I figured most of the random events can be used *during* the adventure, but the location and quest hooks are probably more suitable before or after the adventure kicks off. Or entirely standalone, without the adventure.

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Thank you for the response! Your handiwork is amazing, and thank you for creating it.

Thanks! I hope to expand further on Salthaven in the future so keep your eyes open.


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A wonderful expansion to Salthaven! Plenty of hooks to play with and the layout is crisp! Can't wait to play it one of these days!