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The melting ice has revealed the walls of a long-forgotten temple at the summit of Glacier Peak. Historians and adventurers travel from afar to witness this legend come back to life, hoping to get a slice of the untold riches surely contained within. There is just one problem: The entrance is yet to be found.

The Frozen Temple of Glacier Peak is a dungeon adventure for Knave and other OSR/old-school games inspired by Nordic folklore. It is suitable for a party of level 1-3 adventurers. It is 24 pages long and densely packed with content.

Inside you will find:

  • 3 dungeon levels with high quality hand-drawn maps
  • 14 monsters inspired by Nordic folklore (a bestiary at the back that describes them in detail)
  • 13 random tables to aid the GM on the fly
  • Lots of magic items
  • Lots of artwork
  • Everything laid out in a clear and usable way

Here is a breakdown of the dungeon:

Dungeon level 1: A cold and dark frozen temple

Dungeon level 2: A dual-bottomed lake with a sleeping troll and a portal to the spirit realm

Dungeon level 3: The spirit realm. A whimsical cave with colorful and quirky inhabitants and a terrible lindwurm (wingless dragon)


Get this book and 1 more for $4.99 USD
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