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The Quaranzine is a collection of system-agnostic tabletop RPG content made by eight different authors. Inside you will find tables to generate random NPCs and monsters, rules for running a tavern, rules for building an adventuring base, a dungeon, an essay, and two NPCs/adventure locations.


  • Bum Lee
  • David Parkinson
  • John C Park
  • Lindsay Belton
  • Mark D. Slabinski
  • Raphael Falk
  • Robin Fjärem
  • Will Mitchell


  • Ede Laszlo
  • Joyce Maureira

Disclaimer: This zine is not affiliated with the similarly titled QuaranZine for DCC RPG.


The_Quaranzine_pages.pdf 74 MB
The_Quaranzine_compressed_pages.pdf 35 MB

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